Easy Facebook Ads Accelerator

For Social Media Managers, Virtual Assistants, Freelancers

Accelerate your business growth & income.

It's time to add Facebook Ads to your service offerings so you can accelerate your business growth, help more clients and make more money.


You're a Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistant or Freelancer and love supporting business owners with getting their message out into the world and making an impact.

But you also know that "organic" strategies can only take you so far, for so long and it takes tiiiiime.

You have clients asking you if you know how to run Facebook & Instagram Ads, install Pixels or verify domains - but you don't have the experience and lack the confidence to say "YES!"....

Which means you're leaving money on the table!

Now is the time to move to the next level

It's time to easily upskill yourself so you can authentically charge more, help more business owners and move into your next level of earning capability.

The Easy Facebook Ads Accelerator is an online program that will empower you with advanced Facebook Ads Management skills so you can help clients with expert Facebook Setup, consistent Lead Generation, Launches & Sales!

I'm Elana and I am passionate about Online Business, Family & Holistic Wellness. I want to help YOU grow your agency or freelancing business by empowering you with advanced skills that will help you make an impact and create the income months you desire!

Is this you?

  • You're tired of spending hours on beautiful content for your clients only to have it reach 20 people in the Feed

  • Your SMM or Dev services are time intensive and it feels like you've reached an income ceiling

  • You've tried boosting posts or running Ads on Facebook but keep attracting the wrong people

  • You're petrified of making a mistake with someone else's budget

  • You're scared of wasting time & money on Facebook Ads that don't work

  • You're overwhelmed with what to do and where to go and don't have the time to figure it out on your own

  • You wish you knew an expert and had a community where you could get support and your questions answered

  • You want to start earning in hard currency

A 8-week online program

This is a 8-week online program, that takes you through the Paid Ads process step-by-step to eliminate confusion and gets you and your clients set up for success in just a few weeks.

By the time you complete the program you will have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Facebook & Instagram Ads and can start charging for your knowledge!

I'm going to FAST-TRACK your Ads Skills so you can say goodbye to overwhelm and procrastination!


Say goodbye to overwhelm and procrastination!

A step-by-step program to fast track your Ads Skills so you can save time, bring in new clients & confidently charge more money.

What do you get?

  • 8 Easy to follow, value packed modules strategically divided into the 8 weeks. (Worth $1111)
  • 4 Guest Expert trainings in branding, copy writing, pinterest & insta (Worth $777)
  • 8 Weekly live group Q&A sessions will make sure your questions are always answered and gives opportunity to learn from others. (Worth $600)
  • LIFETIME access to the course content. (Priceless)
  • LIFETIME access to the ClickLeads Hub - a private Facebook group where you get real-time support. So you'll know we have your back whenever you need help with copy, creatives or reviews. (this is usually a $97pm membership!)
  • Support with ad reviews. (Worth $137)
  • Advice on audience building & targeting. (Worth $137)
  • Support with landing page reviews. (Worth $137)
  • Office hours, real-time support. (Priceless)

A Total Value of Over $2996!

My usual price for ALL this value is ONLY $1555

“After completing the Easy Facebook Ads Accelerator there is a confidence level that I have stepped up and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I definitely recommend working with Elana! Having her at your back will move you forward in the way that you need to be moved forward.

This course is well worth the investment in yourself, in your confidence and in your own business so you can start stepping up and move to the next level.“

- Jenna da Costa

Here's what we'll cover in each module...

Module 1

Module 1Introduction & Mindset

First things first, we need to be clear on our goals and expectations to pave the way forward. Understanding Marketing Mindset is important for you and your clients!

Module Images 2

Module 2Strategy

An overview of online marketing strategy, what a funnel is, what a landing page is and the 3 principles of Lead Generation.

Module Images 3

Module 3Facebook Setup

We make sure everything is setup the RIGHT WAY to run successful campaigns.

Module Images 4

Module 4Find & Target

It's no use running ads if you're not putting them infront of the right people. Here we get clarity on who your soulmate client is and how to find them.

Module Images 5

Module 5Educate & Engage

We start delving into and creating engagement campaigns.

Module Images 6

Module 6Convert & Ascend

All about creating conversion campaigns and finding the right leads for your clients, to build their list for them to convert into sales.

Module Images 7

Module 7Testing

The most important part of any campaign is testing your Ads so that you're not leaving money on the table. I show you a proven testing method to use to find your winning Ad and keep your Cost Per Lead down.

Module Images 8

Module 8Optimizing

Once your campaign is live and you're testing you want to know how to interpret the data and optimize.

Module 9

Module 9SOP Templates, Clients Sourcing & More

Now that you finally know how to ace Ads I'll give you tips on how to get clients, onboarding & offboarding procedures, contracs, proposals templates and much more!

Bonus Module

Bonus ModulesGuest Experts

I'm always sourcing new Guest Expert training to share with you! From Copywriting to Branding to Instagram and more!

Within days of implementing my setup systems & testing processes, clients see an improvement in their results!

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Meet The Guest Experts

Brand Design
Danielle Garber


Magriet Groenewald - Guest Expert
Magriet Groenewald


Este Pretorius
Este Pretorius


The Easy Facebook Ads Accelerator is for you if...

  • You're a Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistant or Freelancer wanting to upskill and confidently charge more.

  • You want to skip the overwhelm and fast track your Ads skills.

  • You don't know what a Facebook Pixel is.

  • You've been trying Ads but attracting the wrong people.

  • You want to confidently charge more for your services.

  • You want to learn how to create winning Ads & how to optimize a clients funnel.

  • You want to know what a funnel is and how to create an easy opt-in page.

  • You want easily accessible support from experts and like minded people.

Get These Types Of Results For Your Clients

Jennifer Claire-Constant is a Serial Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author and Founder of the Celebrant Directory.

Her last Ad Campaign brought in over 208 Leads (plus another 100+ organically) into her challenge for only £204.97.

She signed up over 30 new members into her group program which resulted in a £32k Launch! At least 11 of these can be attributed to an Ad Campaign that only spent £178.

"I've just had a $37K Launch - my biggest launch to date!"

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce is 6-Figure Business Coach and Personal Branding Expert.

With our planned strategies & testing methods her Ads brought in 10 of the sales for her last launch. Her Ad spend was Only $2000!

That's a 1,750% ROI!

- 2020 Campaign

Ingvild Kolnes is a expert Wedding Photogropher launching her own group program. She is successfully using paid Ads to grow her list for her next launch.

She has gotten leads as low as $0.67 from some of her targeted audiences!

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and on top of all that(of course!)

when you sign up I'll also send you a free copy of my "WRITING HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ADS" ebook!


Meet your expert

hi there

I'm Elana

Heya! I'm the Owner & Founder of ClickLeads Digital Marketing and ClickLeads Academy.

After running my own digital marketing agency for over 5 years and getting great results for clients, I realized my true passion lies in coaching and empowering business owners with the skills of online marketing.

I have become passionate about helping other social media managers, virtual assistants & freelancers upskill themselves so they can get more clients, confidently charge more and take their business to the next level they desire!

After losing our beautiful 8 month old baby girl, Kaylin, in April 2019 - I know first hand what it is like to be a business owner and entrepreneur trying to make your business survive through trauma and adversity. I hope to inspire and motivate other business owners with my story and show them that it is possible to create success and happiness - even after the darkest moments of your life.

The Academy & The Hub, teaches the fundamentals of Online and Facebook Marketing, with my full support and the help of my team.

Members that follow the course videos and are committed to implementing the strategies I share WILL get results within weeks!

See you on the inside 🙂

You could have this!

Lynette Anderson

"As a woman who is allergic to technology - FB ads terrified me! I had been paying other people to do my ads for me - with absolutely no results. I didn't know enough to even ask the right questions. Elana was the answer to my prayer! Her hands on participation and patience made the learning process simple and painless. Thank you Elana for helping me to take my power back and feel confident again in this area of my business."

Lynette Anderson

Karen Wilmot

"I have been trying to learn FB ads for years and your course is the only one that has made sense to me. The videos are short and to the point and it flows sequentially if you are trying to learn how FB ads work which can be really confusing. Thank you!"

Karen Wilmot

This is an Online Course and modules will be made available immediately inside the learner portal on registration. Selected modules are completed each week over the 8-week period. For the Group Program, support will be available in the ClickLeads Hub Facebook Group and the weekly Group Q&A Sessions will be held via Zoom.

Disclaimer : ClickLeads Academy or this training are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook or Meta, LLC


Any examples and case studies shared above or by me are the exception and not necessarily the norm. This course cannot guarantee a specific outcome  for your business as there are many variables to consider in marketing. A successful outcome will depend on your commitment to show up, learn, put in the work and implement the methods taught. If you are expecting a silver bullet for your business, this course is not for you and please do not sign up.